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What types of personal injury cases are there?
There are many categories in personal injury law. If an injury results from the negligent or willful acts of another party, a valid personal injury claim may be filed. Injuries can come from any vehicle accident, including auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, bus accidents or hit and run incidents. Premises accidents are also included, and can result from slip and fall or a hazard that was not taken care of by the owner. Product liability includes injury resulting from faulty products, food or beverages. Medical malpractice is also covered under personal injury law, as well as wrongful death resulting from an accident.
Do I have a personal injury case?
If you have been injured as a direct result of someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing, it’s possible you may have grounds to file a personal injury suit. The best way to determine whether or not you have a viable case is to speak with a qualified Massachusetts personal injury lawyer. The Law Office of John J. Strazzulla has handled hundreds of cases in all levels of seriousness for more than 20 years. Give us a call at (617) 328-3210 and we’ll be happy to discuss your situation and see if you have a personal injury case.
How can an attorney prove a personal injury in Massachusetts?
Compelling evidence must be provided to support a personal injury claim. All parties at fault must be identified, and the full extent of damages and the percentage of liability must be addressed. This is done by gathering all evidence surrounding the case, including photos, witnesses or other items or testimonials that can be used in court. Documents are compiled and medical, technical or financial professionals may be called to testify. Everything is neatly organized into a complete case, which your lawyer will then use to prove fault and liability.
How long do I have to file a personal injury lawsuit?
In Massachusetts, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit is three years from the date of the incident. Of course, it’s beneficial to file a suit as soon as possible if your claim cannot be resolved outside of court so all evidence and testimonials can be easily collected. In most cases, resolution can be attained outside of court, saving the client time, money and stress. At the Law Office of John J. Strazzulla, we do everything we can to get each of our clients the full restitution they deserve so they can get on track to the path of healing.
How much will I get for my settlement?
Every personal injury case is different, so the amount clients receive in their settlements varies. A settlement may include current, past and future costs for medical treatment and therapy, lost wages as a result of a person’s inability to work, property damages, and other losses such as pain and suffering. The skilled attorneys at the Law Office of John J. Strazzulla work tirelessly to get our clients every penny they deserve for their injury. We want to help you get back to your normal life as soon as possible, and we won’t rest until you are fully paid. Call us today to see how we can help your particular case.
How long will it take to get my money for my personal injury claim?
Sometimes, personal injury cases take a long time to settle. This can be a result of problems with the factual or legal problems of the case, if the case involves a lot of money, or if the person involved has not yet reached the point of maximum medical improvement. There is always the option of settling quickly by agreeing to less money than you may be entitled to, however. Speaking with a knowledgeable Massachusetts personal injury lawyer can help you decide which path is best for you. The Law Office of John J. Strazzulla is committed to getting you the maximum settlement, and we’ll be dedicated to you every step of the way.
Can't I just have the insurance company handle my claim?
You always have the option of letting an insurance company compensate you directly for an injury you have sustained, but keep in mind that they are for-profit businesses and will most likely offer a settlement that suits them best, not you. When you hire a personal injury attorney to handle your case, you are giving yourself the best chance at receiving every penny you’re entitled to after your accident. Attorney John J. Strazzulla is dedicated to providing each of his clients thorough legal assistance for their personal injury cases, and will strive to get you everything you deserve.
How much time do I have to invest in my case?
When you hire a personal injury lawyer for your case, he or she may ask for periodical updates regarding your treatment and the progress of your injuries. You may have to initially spend a bit of time with your lawyer thoroughly describing the incident so he or she can have all the details necessary to properly defend you in court, if necessary. This communication is important, and will help ensure you get everything you deserve from the settlement. The Law Office of John J. Strazzulla prefers to shoulder the burden of contacting insurance companies, medical providers and anyone else that may help your case so you don’t have to. We will handle as much as we can so you can focus on healing.
How often do personal injury cases go to trial?
Most cases in Massachusetts will settle outside of court. However, if an insurance company is being unreasonable or uncooperative in reaching a fair and just settlement, a lawyer may decide to take the case to court. At the Law Office of John J. Strazzulla, our attorneys are dedicated to getting our clients the compensation they deserve, both in and out of court. We aren’t afraid of taking the insurance companies head-on to make sure our clients are taken care of in every aspect.
I have a past injury in addition to my current injury. Will this affect my claim?
No. If you have been injured before, that injury does not automatically exempt the insurance company of their responsibility to compensate you fully if it is proven they are liable for your injury. Insurance companies will often try to lessen their accountability by stating they are only responsible for aggravating the pre-existing condition as a way to give you less money. Working with a practiced Massachusetts personal injury lawyer will ensure you are getting everything you deserve from the insurance company following your accident.

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